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Practical Things to Put in Flower Pots Other Than Flowers [2024]

Source:  JONATHAN BILLINGER/GEOGRAPH   Ever find yourself with a few spare terracotta flowerpots hanging around the house? We've all been there. Maybe they were leftover from that summer gardening project, or perhaps...

Many old terracotta flower pots.Source:  JONATHAN BILLINGER/GEOGRAPH  

Quick Answer: Things to Put in Flower Pots Other Than Flowers

Indoor Flower Pots Ideas:

  • Live herbs for kitchen
  • Keys, utensils, wallets, etc.
  • Pampas grass
  • Decorative balls for bowls
  • Toilet bowl plunger holder
  • Easy care plants
  • Decorative wooden chains and beads
  • Candles
  • Decorative pinecones

Outdoor Flower Pots Ideas:

  • hoses
  • easy care plants & bushes
  • Break them to down to mulch
  • Use as stepping stones
  • Create a tiered garden
  • DIY bird feeder
  • DIY painted flower pot crafts
  • DIY mini fire pit / gas canister holder for smores
  • DIY driveway & trail lights

Detailed Steps, Instructions, and Photos


Terracotta Bird FeederSource: GardenFrog

Ever find yourself with a few spare terracotta flowerpots hanging around the house? We've all been there. Maybe they were leftover from that summer gardening project, or perhaps they were just an impulse buy. Either way, don't just stack them up in your garage and forget about them!

There's a treasure trove of creative and practical ways to repurpose them. And hey, if you're feeling inspired by the end of this guide and want to upscale your home decor game even further, our Woodland Pulse planters offer a decorative twist that can elevate any space!

But, back to those terracotta pots — from crafty projects to super handy storage solutions, we’ve got you covered. Dive in and discover how to give those pots a new lease on life.

Creative Indoor Uses for Flower Pots:

Live Herbs for Kitchen:

Distressed terracotta pots with herbs.

Source: Gathered in the Kitchen

There's something enchanting about plucking fresh herbs from a pot in your kitchen. It's not just about the convenience; it adds a splash of green and a fresh scent to your space. Whether it's basil for your pasta or mint for your tea, these herbs elevate every dish and drink.

  • How: Choose pots with proper drainage. Fill with a potting mix made for edible plants. Favorites like basil, rosemary, mint, and thyme thrive in pots. Place them where they can enjoy 4-6 hours of sunlight, ideally a sunny windowsill.

  • Where to Buy: Your local nursery or garden center can provide both herbs and expert advice. Some supermarkets also offer starter plants.

  • What You’ll Need: Herb seeds or seedlings, appropriate potting mix, and a drainage saucer to protect surfaces.

Keys, Utensils, Wallets:

Flower pots storing keys and cash.

Source: Contemporist

Ever heard of the flower pot theory? Okay, maybe we just made that up. But there's no denying that the scramble for daily essentials like keys or that elusive kitchen utensil is a universal struggle.

With a flower pot as an organizer, not only do you have a functional solution, but you're also adding a decorative touch to your home. It's a chic way to blend functionality with style. Moreover, these pots can become conversation starters. Imagine your guest asking about that unique pot only to find it's your handy organizer!

  • How: Opt for pots with a wide brim for easy access. This ensures you can quickly grab what you need without rummaging. Consider layering the bottom with decorative stones or marbles to give it some weight, especially if you're storing heavier items.
  • Where to Buy: Visit a local home decor store or browse online marketplaces for some unique finds.
  • What You’ll Need: A pot with enough depth to hold your items and some decorative fillers if you wish to spruce things up. If you're feeling crafty, you can even consider painting or decorating the pot to match your room's aesthetics.

Decorative Elements:

Terracotta pots with pinecones.

Source: Feet Under My Table

Terracotta pots, with their earthy hue and classic design, have always been a favorite. They effortlessly blend with various decorative elements. During the holiday season, consider using your leftover terracotta pots as pinecone decor.

VISION brown decor pot by Woodland Pulse with farmhouse decor and pinecones.

Woodland Pulse's VISION plant pot used as beautiful farmhouse boho style decor

However, while terracotta brings a rustic charm, sometimes a space demands something sleeker, more modern. This is where modern pots, like those from Woodland Pulse, come into play. They're designed to not just hold your plants but to elevate the aesthetics of your space.

Pampas Grass in Terracotta vs. Modern Pots:

VISION decor plant pots in beige with pampas grass, flowers, and a candle.

Woodland Pulse's VISION plant pot in beige

Picture this: a sunlit corner with a tall terracotta vase, the light catching the feathery plumes of pampas grass, creating a rustic aura. Now, reimagine this scene with a sleek, modern pot from Woodland Pulse. The pampas grass takes on a chic vibe, seamlessly blending the rustic with the contemporary.

  • Where to Buy: Craft stores or home decor outlets for pampas grass. For modern pots with an edge, check out Woodland Pulse.
  • What You’ll Need: Dried pampas grass and a pot of suitable size, either terracotta for a traditional look or a modern design from Woodland Pulse for a contemporary feel.
Decorative Balls/Beads:

Woodland Pulse's cream pot IONIC.

Woodland Pulse's IONIC cream pot

A terracotta pot filled with shiny glass beads can catch the evening sun in its own unique way, creating a lovely play of light and shadow. But if you're looking to add an element of sophistication, switching the terracotta with a modern pot can make all the difference. Think of it as the difference between a classic and a contemporary art piece - both beautiful, but each with its own distinct charm.

  • Where to Buy: Craft stores, home decor outlets for decorative balls/beads. For modern pots that offer a blend of functionality and style, Woodland Pulse is the place to go.
  • What You’ll Need: Your chosen decorative items like balls or beads and a pot, either terracotta for a classic touch or a chic design from Woodland Pulse for a modern ambiance.

Toilet Bowl Plunger Holder

Flower pots toilet plunger holder.

Source: Pinterest

Toilets and their accessories seldom become the topic of creative home decor, right? Wrong! The humble toilet plunger, a necessary tool in every bathroom, can be turned into an art piece with a little ingenuity. Here's a quirky, unexpected, and aesthetically pleasing trick to house your plunger.

  1. Pick the Right Pot: Begin by selecting a flower pot that complements your bathroom's color palette. Think pastels for a calm setting, vibrant colors for a lively atmosphere, or even a terracotta pot for an earthy vibe.

  2. Prep and Seal: Ensure the inside of the pot is clean and free from any residual soil. It’s essential to seal the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot to prevent any water from seeping out. You can use waterproof tape or silicone for this purpose.

  3. Add a Base: Place a small dish or tray inside the pot’s base. This ensures any residual water from the plunger is caught, keeping things hygienic.

  4. House Your Plunger: Place your plunger inside the pot. Ensure it fits snugly and doesn’t wobble.

  5. Accessorize: Go one step further and wrap a decorative ribbon around the pot or paint it with waterproof designs to align with your bathroom theme.

  6. Placement: Position your newly styled plunger holder in a corner of your bathroom or beside the toilet. Let it be both functional and decorative.


  • Aesthetics: Turn a mundane object into an artistic display. It's an opportunity to showcase your creativity.

  • Space-Efficient: As flower pots come in various sizes, you can easily pick one that fits your bathroom space perfectly.

  • Hygienic: The separate base inside ensures cleanliness, and the pot itself can be easily washed or wiped down.

  • Cost-Effective: Instead of buying a pricey designer plunger holder, you can repurpose an old flowerpot, thereby saving money and recycling!

Whether you're a seasoned gardener looking for less fuss or a newbie dipping your toes into the world of plants, choosing easy-care plants and bushes can be a lifesaver. These plants not only look beautiful but also demand minimal attention.

Creative Outdoor Uses for Flower Pots:


Flowerpot for hose storage.
Source: Reddit

Tangled garden hoses can be an eyesore, not to mention a tripping hazard. But with a flower pot, you can neatly coil and store your hose, turning a functional necessity into a garden feature. You can even drill a hole at the bottom, allowing for a functional hose storage container.

How: Choose a spacious pot. Coil the hose starting from the center of the pot, working outward, ensuring the nozzle and connector ends remain accessible at the top. Drill a 2 inch hole on the side and coil the hose through.

Where to Buy: Home improvement stores or local nurseries usually stock a variety of suitable pots.

What You’ll Need: A large pot without drainage holes and your garden hose.

Tiered Garden within a Pot

Tiered garden pots using broken terracotta flower pots.Source: Mymodernmet

Turn mishaps into masterpieces! If you've broken a terracotta pot or two, you can repurpose them into a captivating tiered garden. It's a beautiful way to simulate mini landscapes and get creative with plant placements within a confined space.

How: Begin with a large, intact pot as your base. Use shards or rims of broken pots to create mini terraces within this primary pot. Fill each level with soil. Depending on the size of the tiers, select plants that fit proportionately. For instance, on the topmost, smallest tier, a succulent would be ideal, whereas the broader base might house a flowering plant or a fern.

Where to Buy: If you don’t have broken pots on hand, you can source them from local garden centers or online platforms where garden enthusiasts might sell or give away such items.

What You’ll Need: One large intact pot, several broken pot pieces, soil, and a selection of plants of varying sizes.

DIY Bird Feeder

DIY bird feeder step-by-step guide.Source: Jaelanmincey

Brighten up your garden with the gentle chirps of birds by crafting a DIY bird feeder out of a flower pot. It’s a splendid way to give old pots a new purpose while making your garden a bird haven.

Crafting Tips:

  • Choose a medium-sized pot that can hold a good amount of birdseed.
  • If your pot has drainage holes, cover them with a mesh or screen secured with waterproof glue to prevent seeds from falling out.
  • For hanging, drill a couple of evenly spaced holes near the pot’s rim and thread sturdy ropes or chains through. Ensure the pot hangs balanced.
  • Fill your pot with a diverse mix of birdseed to attract various bird species.
  • Optionally, for added protection from larger birds or squirrels, fashion a wire mesh dome over the top.

Where to Buy: Supplies can be sourced from home improvement stores, and birdseed is available at pet or garden stores.

What You’ll Need: A pot, birdseed, ropes or chains, mesh or screen, waterproof glue, and a ceramic or masonry drill bit.

Turning Broken Pottery into Natural Mulch

Terracotta mulch

Source: RuralSprout

If you ever happen to shatter a terracotta pot, don't be so quick to toss it out! These fragmented pieces can be given a new lease on life as natural mulch for your garden.

  1. Size Matters: Depending on where you plan to use them, break your pottery shards into desired sizes. For indoor plants, smaller pieces, roughly the size of coins, are perfect. But if you’re considering using them for outdoor plants, you might prefer larger shards.

  2. Mulching Benefits: Sprinkle your broken pottery pieces over the soil surface. Not only do these fragments add an artistic touch, but they also have practical benefits. The pottery acts as a protective layer, preserving moisture, deterring weeds, and even preventing critters from digging into your precious plants. Plus, the reddish-brown hue of terracotta can absorb sunlight and help maintain warmth around your plant roots.

  3. Added Advantage for Indoor Plants: Using these pieces as mulch for your indoor plants can be a game changer, especially in preventing pests like fungus gnats.

Creating Terracotta Stepping Stones

Terracotta stepping stones.Source: Kim Pearson/Pinterest

Transform those sad broken pots into stunning terracotta stepping stones. A touch of creativity, a hint of effort, and you’ll have an enviable garden path in no time.

  1. Materials and Preparation: Gather a stepping stone mold and some quick-dry concrete. As for the broken pottery, ensure you have pieces in a variety of sizes.

  2. Setting the Stage: Pour your concrete mix into the mold and give it a minute to settle. Now, it's time to decorate! Place your terracotta pieces onto the concrete. Ensure the curved side of the pottery faces downwards and press gently to ensure they're secure. This ensures no sharp edges stick out and the stepping stone has a smooth feel.

  3. Creative Twists: If stepping stones aren’t your thing, how about a terracotta mosaic? Using the same mold and concrete, position your pottery shards to form simple yet striking patterns. Think of basic shapes - a sun, a crescent moon, or even a rustic flower. The result? A captivating mosaic masterpiece that's bound to get your guests talking.

  4. Practical Uses for Tiny Shards: Those smaller terracotta pieces? They're gold! Place them at the bottom of your pots to cover the drainage holes. They'll act as a barrier to prevent soil loss, while still allowing water to drain seamlessly.

DIY Flower Pot Mini Fire Pit

Flower pot fire pit with marshmallow smores.Source: ArtsyFartsyMama

Add a touch of warmth and ambiance to your backyard or patio without committing to a large, built-in structure. A large flower pot can be transformed into an elegant, yet portable, mini fire pit that's perfect for intimate gatherings or a simple evening of s'mores-making.

Crafting Tips:

  • Start with a sizable, fire-safe flower pot. Remember, this needs to be sturdy and capable of handling the heat.
  • To give it a refreshed look, consider repainting the pot with a heat-resistant paint that complements your outdoor space.
  • Add a layer of sand at the base of the pot. This acts as an insulating layer and aids in heat distribution.
  • Position a small can in the center to hold a fuel gas canister. This becomes your fire source, providing a controlled flame.
  • For an artistic touch, arrange decorative stones or fire-safe glass beads around the canister. Not only does this enhance its appearance, but it also provides an additional layer of safety, preventing direct contact with the canister.
  • Once set up, light the canister and enjoy your cozy, contained fire. Always follow safety guidelines when using and extinguishing the fire.

Where to Buy: Supplies like the flower pot and heat-resistant paint can be sourced from home improvement or garden stores. Fuel gas canisters are available at most hardware stores.

What You’ll Need: A large, fire-safe flower pot, heat-resistant paint (optional), sand, a small can or metal container, fuel gas canister, decorative stones or fire-safe glass beads.

DIY Driveway & Trail Lights

Clay pot solar panel trail light.Source: ModernonMonticello

Illuminate your garden paths, walkways, or driveway with a decorative and functional twist. Using flower pots as holders for solar stake lights offers an eco-friendly means to brighten your outdoor space while also enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Crafting Tips:

  • Begin with selecting terracotta flower pots suitable for the size of your solar stake lights. These pots will serve as the base and should be stable enough to hold the lights securely.

  • Prepare the pots. Before getting started, clean the pots to ensure a smooth surface. If you want to personalize them, paint the pots with a base coat of your preferred color. White often works best as it reflects light, but the choice is yours. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly, which may take overnight.

  • For additional flair, consider adding simple designs or patterns to the pots using contrasting paint colors. Again, allow adequate drying time.

  • Once your pots are ready, position the solar stake lights inside. Ensure that the solar panels on the stake lights are exposed to sunlight during the day so they can charge effectively.

  • If you find that the solar stake lights are not stable within the pots, you can use a hot glue gun to secure them. Just add a bit of glue to the base of the stake light and press it firmly into the pot.

  • Arrange your newly crafted lights along driveways, paths, or garden trails. They'll charge during the day and provide a pleasant glow come evening.

Where to Buy: Supplies like flower pots and paints can be found at garden centers or home improvement stores. Solar stake lights are readily available at most home and garden centers.

What You’ll Need: Terracotta flower pots, solar stake lights, paint (optional), paintbrush, hot glue gun, and glue sticks.

Conclusion: There Are Many Practical & Creative Uses for Flower Pots 

Beige DISC Modern Plant pot by Woodland Pulse.Beige unique planter DISC by Woodland Pulse

While traditional terracotta pots are versatile and have their own rustic charm, sometimes an upgrade can work wonders for your space. If you find yourself inspired by these creative uses but wish for a more modern touch, consider checking out Woodland Pulse’s range of decorative flower pots.

Not only are they functional, but they also serve as stylish statement pieces that elevate any space, indoor or out. Whether it's for plants, decor, or unique DIY projects like the ones we've discussed, a quality pot can make all the difference.

Interested In Browsing Our Modern Plant Pots? 

We're a family-based small business out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and would love your support! We make aromatherapy infusible plant pots and vases. You can browse our full collection of modern plant pots here. Are you interested in decorative vases as well? Browse our full collection of modern vases here. Thank you so much!

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