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IONIC™ Brown Succulent Pot

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Experience the unique woodgrain texture and inviting cedar scent with our IONIC brown succulent pot. This uniquely shaped succulent plant pot offers a pleasing sensory experience, enhancing your interaction with your indoor plants.

The IONIC brown planter allows you to create a peaceful and stylish atmosphere while offering an eco-friendly home for your plants.

Appreciate the beauty of IONIC plant pots for succulents. This uniquely textured succulent flower pot provides an aesthetically pleasing touch to any decor and is suitable for any plant, flower, and succulent type.

Key Features:

  • Distinct woodgrain texture offers a soothing experience when held
  • Infused with cedarwood essential oil
  • Made from eco-friendly recycled wood fibers and corn byproduct
  • Features multiple drainage holes to ensure optimal watering, and includes a matching saucer
  • Perfect as indoor decor planters, succulent pots, cute succulent planters, and small flower pots

Length | Width | Height:

  • Small: 4.7" | 3.5" | 3.9"
  • Standard: 5.5" | 4" | 5"
  • Large: 6.7" | 5.1" | 5.5"

Immerse yourself in the sensory delight of our IONIC brown pot. Upgrade your plant collection and bring a touch of nature to your indoor spaces with this sustainable and stylish succulents planter.

Size: Small
Size: Small
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Uniquely Design

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Woodgrain Texture

This unique texture not only enhances its appearance but also provides a tactile experience.

Cedar Scent

Infused with a subtle cedar aroma, the Ionic Planter invigorates the senses when held close.

Well Draining Pot

Designed for optimal plant health, the Ionic oval plant pot features several drainage holes for evening watering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your plant pots eco-friendly?

Our eco-friendly products are made from recycled wood fibers and compostable corn byproduct PLA. The wood fibers come from sawmill factory waste runoff, while the PLA is a plant-based bioplastic. Additionally, our products are 3D-printed using electricity and emit no CO2 during manufacturing.

Do your plant pots come with drainage holes?

Yes. Our plant pots feature multiple drainage holes ensuring even watering and reduced chance of root rot.

How To Return My Items?

We offer a free 30 day return policy for customers within the continuous USA. Please email us at contact@woodlandpulse.com to initiate your return request.

We do not currently offer free returns to overseas customers. You will therefore need to cover all costs of returning any items to us yourself. We advise that you mark your package ‘returned goods’ to avoid further duties. Remember: We strongly recommend that you return any items via a registered trackable service and obtain and retain proof of posting as we do not accept responsibility for items that fail to arrive with us.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Clara Davis

Cool texture and smell. I love cedarwood. Really hoping you guys start releasing more scent options. Thanks so much!

Lucia Bianchi

Great customer service, Wally is so helpful and patient. Thanks for all your hard work!

Emma Anderson

Great product. The scent does wear off after a few weeks, so I just started rubbing my own essential oils on it. The wood soaks it in easily. Otherwise, the design is top notch