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Original Cedar Oil Infused Passive Diffuser Planters

Woodland Pulse's Unique Planter DISC   Woodland Pulse takes pride in creating unique plant pots. Our planters are designed to be a statement piece in any space. Each planter is carefully...

A beige cedar oil infused passive diffuser unique planter by Woodland Pulse. This unique planter is being held near a windowsill.

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Woodland Pulse is excited to announce a new product that is taking on the Home & Garden and Aromatherapy Industries by storm. Woodland Pulse's Cedar Scented Passive Diffuser Planters!

Our decor planters have undergone a huge upgrade. They now combine the beauty of unique planters with the benefits of cedarwood essential oil.

In this blog post, we will dive into the amazing features of these planters. We will explore their uniqueness, their cedar oil scent, and use as passive diffusers.

Woodland Pulse's Unique Planter DISC


Three DISC beige cedar oil infused unique planters with flowers by Woodland Pulse.

Woodland Pulse takes pride in creating unique plant pots. Our planters are designed to be a statement piece in any space. Each planter is carefully chosen for quality and attention to detail.

From modern to farmhouse and boho decor, our planters can be used for many spaces. Perfect as modern home decor or a small flower pot for your houseplants, Woodland Pulse planters offer both beauty and usefulness.

As you explore our collection of unique planter pots, you'll see many interesting designs. Each showing unique textures, patterns, and neutral colors.

Woodland Pulse planters serve as more than just pots for your plants or home accents. They are pieces that engage your senses.

A cedar scented DISC unique planter & passive diffuser by Woodland Pulse being held.


With their soothing woody texture and cedar scent, our decor planters are meant to connect you to the pulse of nature. While also doubling as passive essential oil diffusers, our planters are one of a kind.

Each planter invites you to touch, feel, and hold it, allowing for a sensory experience. They spark conversations and make a statement, adding a touch of nature in your home.

Not only are our unique planters beautiful, but they are also made with use in mind. Our flowerpots come with multiple drainage holes to reduce root rot and keep your plants healthy.

We believe that plant care should be a joyful experience. Our planters focus on the well-being of your plants and reconnect you with pulse of the nature.

Infused with the Power of Cedar Oil

These are three woody textured unique planters by Woodland Pulse that are passive essential oil diffusers infused with cedar oil.

At Woodland Pulse, we believe in the flow of nature. Our cedar oil infused planters double as passive cedar oil diffusers. This offers a unique experience with a relaxing woody aroma.

Our planters are 3D-printed using recycled wood and corn. Once made, they are then placed in misted cedar oil for over two days.

These steps create a passive wood diffuser. Our passive planter diffusers work like succulent diffusers and plant diffusers, with the added plus of including real plants.

A cedarwood scented plant diffuser by Woodland Pulse. This is a combined unique planter and passive diffuser.


As a passive diffuser, our wood essential oil diffusers offer a light cedar scent and calming experience. The cedar scent is noticeable when held close. The woody texture of our wooden oil diffuser planters make them feel soothing to hold.

We've taken time to test many different types of cedarwood oil, and we're proud to offer himalayan cedarwood oil. This is a more subtle cedarwood smell compared to the strong scent of virginian cedar. These subtle tones we're chosen to calmly awaken you into the beauty of our natural products.

The combination of these two qualities create an interactive sensual experience that will reconnect you with nature.

A DISC succulent diffuser by Woodland Pulse. This is a unique planter that is also a passive diffuser.

At Woodland Pulse, we believe in using the essence of nature to create a truly immersive experience. Our cedar oil infused planters are a reflection of this belief.

Cedar oil has been used for many years due to its unique qualities and benefits. Known for its warm, woody scent, cedarwood has a soothing and calming effect on the mind and body.

As you place our cedar oil infused planter in your home, you'll notice this calming scent when held close. Cedar oil promotes relaxation, reduce anxiety, and creates a calming space in your home.

Cedar Oil Benefits For Your Plants

In addition to its calming cedar scent, cedar oil offers many benefits for your plants. It has natural bacteria-killing properties. This helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi that can harm plant health.

By choosing our cedar oil infused planters, you not only purchase a plant holder, but also a protective shield. Cedar oil's pest fighting properties will work for your succulents, small plants, flowers, snake plants, monsteras, and more.

Passive Diffusers: A Deeper Dive

Cedar Oil flowerpots and vase passive diffusers by Woodland Pulse.

Beyond their beauty and scent of cedar oil, our planters double as passive diffusers. The aroma of the cedar oil is calming with a subtle base note. This welcomes close interaction with the woodgrain texture.

Our passive diffuser planters offer more features than wooden wick diffusers or succulent oil diffusers. Separate from their warm scent, you have the added benefit of housing plants in each diffuser, whether houseplants or flowers.

Mist our decor planters 1 - 2 times weekly with natural cedar oil for a noticeable woody red cedar aroma. This scent is most noticeably in small spaces, which makes them perfect office planters or succulent pots for bathroom windowsill decor.

Unlike diffusers that require wicks, our passive diffuser planters work alongside the natural properties of cedarwood.

As the cedar oil infused within the planter dries, the cedarwood scent can be noticed. This offers you a sensual fragrant experience when held close. Our planters with cedar essential oil single handedly offer many benefits for a full experience.

Tying It All Together

Small flower pot DISC by Woodland Pulse. This unique planter is also a wood diffuser with cedar oil.

Woodland Pulse's Cedar Oil Infused Passive Diffuser Planters unite beauty, usefulness, and the power of nature in one unique product.

From their modern designs to the scent of cedar oil, these planters offer a one of a kind sensory experience. We're glad to be able to provide you with the most unique planter passive diffuser duo.

Woodland Pulse's Cedar Oil Infused Passive Diffuser Planters combine decor flowerpots, cedar trees, and passive diffusers all in one. These planters are unlike common decor, offering a blend of beauty with a cedarwood scent.

Woodland Pulse's commitment to nature shines through everything we do. We use recycled wood for less impact on the environment. By choosing our planters, you are also supporting eco-friendly products.


Beige decor planter DISC by Woodland Pulse. Infused with cedar oil and also a wood passive diffuser.

Enjoy the beauty of nature with our Cedar Oil Infused Passive Diffuser Planters. Allow our planters to awaken you to the pulse of the woodlands. Shop our collection to find your favorite piece of nature infused with drops of essential oil.

At Woodland Pulse, we want to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. This is why we ensure a fast add to cart and checkout process. If you have any questions about our products during your purchase, please contact us here or email for more information.

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