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Plant Stool
Marianne O'Sullivan
Love it

I wanted a small plant stool to elevate a small planter off the floor. I'm very happy with the quality of this stool. It's perfect!

Gorgeous vase!

Good quality

Very earthy, great to prevent root rot considering how well aerated it is

Beautiful vase

Beautiful vases

Best soil I've used so far

This is great. I love how chunky it is. I water about once a week in my 6inch pot. Great quality soil

Aroid Soil Mix
Sarah Johnson

Great stuff. Really cool seeing how the roots wrap around the mixture when you plant inside a clear liner

Aroid Soil Mix
Michael B.

Good quality

I love the raw and natural look of this stuff. Great for my philos too

Great product

10 out of 10. My monstera albo is thriving in this

Aroid Soil Mix
R Wilson

Using this soil for my florida beauty and it's thriving in it.

Simple & beautiful

I had been eyeing these products for some time but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit to the design because of the material. I LOVE these vases and planters. They are so simple but add a touch of elegance and the lightweight material works really well. I highly recommend and think they can easily fit into all sorts of taste.

Beautiful planter

Packaging was great and it came with a handwritten note. The smell is fresh and the look is modern. I love how it looks with my decor. Comes with sufficient drainage holes and a saucer. Highly recommend.

so cute. Love it

love the cool design, it's so different from other planters I've seen

It’s perfect as a succulent pot. But if you're planning on repotting only downside is the smaller top opening makes it hard to pull out without damaging rootballs. Perfect for soft root plants though

I love how I can infuse it with essential oils. What a clever idea

10/10 design. Thanks for being so helpful Wally

I actually have this in my bathroom with wooden chains for decor. I just love the style

Beautiful and unique product. Slightly smaller opening diameter than expected, but didn’t see the sizing beforehand

gorgeous design.

Love love love. Amazing and friendly customer service, such an awesome small business. Thanks team!

It's not often you find such a functional yet aesthetic plant pot. Not even much of a plant parent but I just love the design

The design is stunning. It's a centerpiece of my living room now