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VISION™ Brown Geometric Planter

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Introducing the VISION™ Geometric Planter. This geometric plant pot offers a woodgrain texture that feels pleasant to the touch.

With a modern design and brown boho color, VISION™ adds a contemporary touch to any setting. Ideal for boho styling, its woodgrain texture invites touch and elevates your plant decor.

Key Features:

  • ASMR touch soothing texture for a pleasant tactile experience
  • A modern coconut-brown planter that fits seamlessly with your decor
  • Comes with several drainage holes & saucer to help prevent root rot
  • Ideal for boho decor, as succulent pots, and interior styling

    Crafted from recycled wood fibers and biodegradable corn byproduct, these geometric planters are also an eco-friendly choice.

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    Size: Small
    Size: Small
    Brown modern geometric plant pot vision.

    Modern Geometric Planters Fused With Organic Modern Decor

    Key Features

    Geometric Design

    The Vision Plant Pot boasts a sleek, geometric aesthetic that complements any living space.

    Woodgrain Texture

    This unique texture not only enhances its appearance but also provides a tactile experience.

    Cedar Scent

    Infused with a subtle cedar aroma, the Vision Planter invigorates the senses when held close.

    Well Draining Pot

    Designed for optimal plant health, the Disc indoor plant pot features several drainage holes for evening watering.

    Vision geometric planter sizing.

    Product Dimensions

    Diameter | Height:

    Small: 4" | 4"
    Standard: 4.75" | 5"
    Large: 5.75" | 5.5"

    Geometric Pots & Beige Decor

    Boho Modern Geometric Planters

    The Vision geometric planters sleek design blends modern style with a hint of bohemian charm. Perfect for your favorite plant or just as a standalone boho modern decor piece. Simple, stylish, and versatile.

    Black modern geometric plant pot vision.

    Black Flower Pot for Plants

    Geometric Black Planter Pot

    The Vision black planter pot offers a sleek design that blends house plants with modern organic decor. The perfect black flower pot for your favorite plants or decorative objects.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are your geometric plant pots eco-friendly?

    Our eco-friendly products are made from recycled wood fibers and compostable corn byproduct PLA. The wood fibers come from sawmill factory waste runoff, while the PLA is a plant-based bioplastic. Additionally, our products are 3D-printed using electricity and emit no CO2 during manufacturing.

    Do your plant pots come with drainage holes?

    Yes. Our plant pots feature multiple drainage holes ensuring even watering and reduced chance of root rot.

    How are your flower pots infused with cedar oil?

    Our flower pots undergo an infusion process in a sealed chamber with highly concentrated vaporized essential oils for over 48 hours. This ensures effective absorption of the cedar oil into the wood fibers, resulting in a long-lasting scent and exceptional experience.

    How long does the cedar aroma last?

    The cedarwood scent typically lasts up to a week upon receipt. To prolong the scent, lightly dab the planter with essential oils as needed thereafter.

    Do your modern planters scent the air?

    Our cedar oil decor planters offer a subtle cedar scent and calming experience. The woodgrain texture encourages close interaction. If you desire a stronger and noticeable fragrance in the air, simply dab the planter with essential oils whenever you wish to refresh your space.

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    Geometric Plant Pot
    Boho Modern Decor
    Geometric Plant Pot
    Boho Modern Decor
    Geometric Plant Pot
    Boho Modern Decor

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Ahmad Darwish

    So gorgeous. The design, look, smell, all of it. Just gorgeous. It's small, but worth it

    Zaina Hamdan

    These planters are both useful and pretty to look at

    Bryan Fessenden

    The special smell from the cedarwood makes these planters extra nice

    Lisa Sims

    stunning. I don’t even have plants I put decor chains inside. Love the texture and smell. Feels raw foresty in the best way

    Jennifer Miller

    Excellent quality and AMAZING drainage. Several drainage holes throughout the bottom, exactly what I need