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Using Modern Plant Pots: Elevating Interior Design

Table of Contents Mastering the Art of Modern Aesthetic Sustainable Choices: Embracing Eco-Friendly Materials Size and Proportion in Modern Design Succulents: Showcasing Variety and Functionality Beyond the Usual: Exploring Other...

Mastering the Art of Modern Aesthetic


DISC unique planter in beige by Woodland Pulse


DISC Unique Planter in Beige

In today's design world, modern aesthetics rule. Subtle, minimalist, and functional designs hold their ground against overly ornate and elaborate ones. From furniture to decorative items, modern designs encompass every aspect of interior decoration, and plant pots are no exception.

Two DISC black planters next to a greek head statue.

Our moody DISC planters in black

Modern design, emerging from a 20th-century wave of rebellion against intricate and ornamental styles, has always been about the simplicity and organic allure of materials. This principle has formed the heart of the aesthetic, resonating deeply when it comes to plant pots.

The Role of Indoor Plants in Modern Aesthetics

VISION geometric planters by Woodland Pulse

Our beige VISION geometric planters have a beautiful eye-catching pattern

Indoor plants are widely celebrated for their air-purifying capabilities, enhancing productivity, and fostering a tranquil atmosphere. A modern plant pot, in this context, can serve as the crowning jewel of your room's interior design. It harmoniously blends in with the design scheme, all the while subtly demanding its own unique attention.

The Simplicity of Modern Plant Pots

DISC unique planter with a snake plant inside being held and felt.

Our unique planters have a woodgrain texture that feels soothing to hold

One of the defining aspects of modern plant pots is their remarkable simplicity. The designs lean toward the minimalist end of the spectrum, discarding unnecessary complexities for clean lines and geometric elegance. Modern planter pots like Woodland Pulse's Vision and Disc models perfectly embody this design principle. They uphold the sleek, uncluttered design, allowing your plants to be the true stars of the show.

Sustainable Choices: Embracing Eco-Friendly Materials

3D printed plant pots in beige color.

Our modern plant pots and vases are 3d printed from recycled wood fibers and corn byproduct. Show above is our small DISC plant pot and NOVA vase.


Intrinsically, modern design maintains a strong resonance with sustainability, and our modern pots for plants exemplify this commitment. We use environmentally conscious materials like recycled wood fibers and corn byproducts in the production of our pots.

The Advantage of Eco-Friendly Materials

Cedar oil infused plant pot DISC

Our unique planters double as passive diffusers. Simply dab with essential oils for a calming scent.

Employing such materials enables us to breathe new life into what would otherwise be discarded resources. In the process, we can establish a balanced rapport between indoor and outdoor elements. Our plant pots utilize these sustainable materials to enhance plant beauty, simultaneously contributing to a relaxed and earthy atmosphere within your space.

Size and Proportion in Modern Design

DISC planter sizing.

Our DISC planter is currently available in three sizes.

The selection of a modern planter pot shouldn't overlook the size of your plant and the intended location for the pot. Modern design applies a significant focus on scale and proportion, which should be reflected in your choice of plant pot.

Compact Design, Mighty Impact

Square plant pots SUNRISE by Woodland Pulse.

Our square plant pot SUNRISE in beige. Also available: Brown & Black

Our Woodland Pulse plant pots cater specifically to smaller indoor plants, with the largest pot size available being a considerable 6.7 inches. These compact yet stylish pots serve as a testament that size doesn't always dictate impact. A thoughtfully chosen plant pot, regardless of size, can introduce a dash of modernity into any space.

As we delve deeper into the realm of modern aesthetics, the role of the plants themselves becomes an aspect we cannot ignore. They hold the potential to either make or break the modern look we aim to achieve. It becomes crucial to select plants that embody modern design principles in their form and appeal.

Succulents: Showcasing Variety and Functionality

Black square succulent pot SUNRISE by Woodland Pulse.

SUNRISE black square plant pot for planting succulents

Succulents are versatile, easy-care choices for modern planter pots. They come in diverse shapes, sizes, and colors, perfect for adding a touch of uniqueness to your indoor garden. Their ability to survive with little water aligns with the modern principle of functionality.

Exploring the World of Succulents

Each succulent variety brings something different to your space. Their low-maintenance care requirements make them perfect for those who prefer simplicity and efficiency.

Beyond the Usual: Exploring Other Modern Plants

Two brown boho DISC planters by Woodland Pulse.

Two DISC brown boho planters

While snake plants, monsteras, and succulents are popular, don't limit your options. Consider other plants that uphold modern design principles. For instance, ZZ plants have a glossy appeal that complements modern aesthetics and are easy to care for. Fiddle leaf figs, with their broad, shiny leaves, also fit into a modern aesthetic but require more attention.

The Art of Mixing and Matching

IONIC black modern planter pots by Woodland Pulse.

IONIC black unique planters

Modern indoor gardening is about balance - balance between design aesthetics and care requirements. When these aspects merge seamlessly, you create not just a green space but a piece of living, breathing modern art.

At Woodland Pulse, our mission is to assist you in creating that modern indoor garden. Our modern plant pots, made from recycled wood fibers and corn byproduct, are designed with functionality and aesthetic appeal in mind. Paired with the right plants, they become an integral part of your modern interior design.

Whether you're an experienced indoor gardener or just beginning your journey, the world of modern plants and pots holds endless possibilities. The best modern plant for your modern pot is the one that looks good, feels right, and suits your lifestyle.

Mastering the Art of Decorating with Modern Plant Pots

Beige VISION geometric planter.

Decorating your plants with modern plant pots is an art. It takes a keen eye to balance the look of your space with these beautiful planters. Here are some tips to consider when using modern pot planters into your space.

Experiment with Different Levels

DISC brown planters by Woodland Pulse.

Brown boho DISC planters

One exciting way to display your modern planters is by arranging them at different levels. You can use plant stands or mounted shelves to elevate some plants, while you can leave others on the ground. This arrangement can add depth to your space, creating an engaging visual landscape.

Don't Shy Away from Variety

Mix and match different shapes and sizes of modern planter pots. A variety of pots can add interest to your space. However, ensure you maintain a consistent color palette for a unified look.

Group Your Plant Pots

If you have a large space, grouping modern plant pots together can create a visually striking effect. It can mimic the feel of a mini indoor garden, infusing freshness into your space.

Modern Plants for Modern Pots: Perfect Pairs

Creating a harmonious indoor space with modern pots and plants isn't just about the pots themselves. Choosing the right plants that embody modern aesthetics & functionality is equally crucial.

Snake Plants: Embodying Simplicity and Ease

DISC plant pot with snake plant.

Our DISC plant pots are perfect for snake plants

Snake plants or 'Sansevieria' offer a modern feel with their upright, sleek leaves, creating a pleasing contrast in a curvy, round pot. Known for their resilience, they require minimal care, tolerating low light and infrequent watering - an ideal choice for a busy lifestyle.

The Appeal of the Snake Plant

These tall, elegant plants align seamlessly with the sleek lines of modern design. Their low-maintenance nature also ties in well with the modern ethos of efficiency and simplicity.

Monstera Deliciosa: Bringing Character and Individuality

Monstera albos high variegation.

A gorgeous variegated monstera albo

The Monstera Deliciosa or the "Swiss cheese plant" introduces a unique, tropical vibe to any modern decor. Its large, distinct leaves have natural cutouts, making a strong statement in a minimalist, modern planter.

Understanding the Monstera Deliciosa

While it's a standout choice for modern design, remember that the Monstera Deliciosa requires a good amount of light and regular watering.

Modern Plant Pots at Woodland Pulse

DISC Beige unique planters by Woodland Pulse

Our DISC unique flower pots are perfect for elevated modern decor

At Woodland Pulse, we understand and appreciate the modern aesthetic. Our modern plant pots, like the Disc and Vision pots, combine modern design with the beauty of plants.

We carefully craft each of our pots, ready to enhance your space with their subtle sophistication. Using modern planter pots in your interior design brings nature indoors, changing the atmosphere of your space.

If you're looking for unique modern plant pots, browse our collection. With the right modern pot, your plants will make a stylish statement.

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