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Embracing Sensory Wellness with Soulex Float Spa

The Journey of Soulex Float Spa A Vision Born Out of Passion The Soulex Float Experience: A Dive Into Tranquility Complimentary Float Amenities: Luxurious Comforts for a Premium Experience The...

The Journey of Soulex Float Spa

Soulex DC Founder Pedramin Vaziri


Meet Pedramin Vaziri, an architect turned wellness visionary, who made the leap from designing buildings to designing sensory wellness experiences. Pedramin is the founder of Soulex Float Spa, a remarkable wellness retreat tucked away in the bustling heart of Washington D.C., with an innovative approach to health and wellbeing.

A Vision Born Out of Passion

From her background in architecture, Pedramin brought forward an essential understanding of the interplay between environment, form, and the human experience. This understanding has shaped Soulex's unique spaces, each carefully designed to promote tranquility, mindfulness, and personal introspection.

The Soulex Float Experience: A Dive Into Tranquility

Soulex DC woman floating


A Dive Into Soulex's innovative approach to wellness centers on flotation therapy, an experience of sensory deprivation that has captured the hearts and minds of wellness enthusiasts throughout the D.C. area. But what sets Soulex apart is their commitment to delivering the most comprehensive and enjoyable float experience possible.

Complimentary Float Amenities: Luxurious Comforts for a Premium Experience

Soulex DC woman drying hair


Soulex's commitment to client comfort and convenience is evident in their array of complimentary float amenities. From the moment clients step through the door, every detail is considered – from organic cotton towels and luxury bathrobes to natural toiletries and earplugs for use during the float. Post-float, clients can unwind in the soothing ambiance of the lounge, complete with alkaline water, herbal tea, and organic body products.

The Benefits of Floating: Beyond Relaxation

Soulex DC float pod

Woodland Pulse DISC planter x Soulex DC Float Pod

The benefits of flotation therapy extend far beyond the immediate sensation of relaxation. Clients of Soulex have reported astonishing physical rehabilitation benefits, making it an efficient choice for those looking to recover faster after injury or intensive physical activities.

Accelerate Physical Rehabilitation

Floating at Soulex isn’t just about relaxing; it’s about fostering healing. The nurturing environment of the float pod provides the body with an optimal condition to expedite the healing process. Clients suffering from back and neck pain, sprained joints, or recovering from broken bones have all reported significant relief after float therapy sessions.

Enhance Athletic Training

For athletes, flotation therapy can aid recovery and enhance performance. The post-training recovery is hastened as floating helps reduce lactic acid production, leading to less muscle cramps and fatigue. Furthermore, the distraction-free environment inside the float pod is the perfect space for visualization exercises to build muscle memory and efficiency. Regular float sessions can also help prevent injuries, ensuring optimal physical and mental relaxation.

DISC planter in Soulex DC spa

Alleviate Emotional Pain

Soulex’s flotation therapy is not only effective for physical pain but also provides significant relief from emotional pain. In the tranquil environment of the float pod, clients are free to work through traumatic or painful memories in a calm and safe space. The sensory-deprived environment also assists in breaking the cycle of stress hormones production, promoting emotional healing and resilience.

Boost Immunity & Vitality

Floating is a revitalizing experience for the body. As the stress and tension are unwound, the body is free to boost its immunity. This leads to better overall health and a lower likelihood of falling ill.

Soulex DC float spa room shelf with brown BANDA vase

Featured above: Brown vase BANDA

Find Relief from Medical Conditions

Clients suffering from various medical conditions such as Fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, arthritis, and scoliosis have found relief from regular float sessions. The gravity-free environment inside the float pod allows the body to focus on healing, alleviating symptoms and improving quality of life.

Stress Relief & Wellness

At Soulex, they believe that flotation therapy is a powerful tool for stress-relief. Floating helps access deep senses of peace and calm, creating a buffer against the stress and strains of life. The water in their pods is heated to the ideal temperature and saturated with over 1000 pounds of pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt, creating the perfect environment for floating and facilitating the ultimate relaxation experience.

The First Float: What to Expect?

Woman in float pod.


Embarking on the first float therapy session can feel daunting, but Soulex has every detail sorted to make the process as comforting as possible. From a private room equipped with all necessities to a choice of silence, music, lights, and/or aromatherapy during the float, Soulex ensures the first float experience is nothing short of remarkable.

Relax and Let Go

Soulex encourages clients to release any expectations prior to a float and simply enjoy the experience. Various relaxation techniques can be used during the float, such as focusing on the rhythm of your breathing or repeating a mantra.

Be Still

Floating can also help cultivate a sense of holistic stillness. By focusing on your breath or repeating a mantra, you can achieve a state of profound relaxation and timelessness.

Optimal Float Position

While the position is a personal choice, Soulex recommends two positions for optimal comfort. The first position is with your arms at your side, palms down. The second position involves placing your arms over-head with your palms up.

Synergy in Sensory Experiences: Soulex and Woodland Pulse

DISC planter infront of Soulex DC float pod

Our photoshoot colloboration with Soulex stems from our shared passion for creating sensory experiences. At Woodland Pulse, we resonate with Soulex's vision of engaging the senses for a richer, more immersive experience. Our cedarwood-infused planters and vases, crafted with an ASMR-inducing wood grain texture, can be seen as an extension of the sensory journey that starts at Soulex.

Creating Sensory Spaces Together

DISC planter in beige in Soulex DC Float Spa lobby

We invite you to experience the transformative powers of sensory engagement both through the tranquil sessions at Soulex Float Spa and our eco-friendly, sensory-awakening decor at Woodland Pulse. Explore the myriad benefits of sensory experiences that these two distinctive entities have to offer, and embark on a journey of health, healing, and sensory fulfillment.

To learn more about Soulex DC Float Spa, visit and follow them on Instagram @soulexdc

Browse our collection of cedarwood essential oil infused planters here and follow us on Instagram @woodlandpulse

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