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Conservation Leadership: An Insight into Rob Sassor's Water's Edge Strategy

Table of Contents Who is Rob Sassor? Rob's Journey in Conservation Introducing Water's Edge Strategy Services Offered by Water's Edge Strategy Implementation and Coaching: Building the Right Skills A Peek...

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Table of Contents

Who is Rob Sassor?

Rob Sassor, Principle Founder of Water's Edge Strategy

Rob Sassor, Principal of Water's Edge Strategy. Source:

Meet Rob Sassor, the trailblazing leader at the helm of Water's Edge Strategy. With a Masters in Conservation Leadership from the esteemed University of Cambridge, Rob has used his deep-seated knowledge of conservation and strategic planning to carve out a sustainable future.

Rob's Journey in Conservation

Rob's professional odyssey commenced at the Jane Goodall Institute, where he played a pivotal role in formulating the conservation plan for the extensive Gombe ecosystem in Tanzania, home to its celebrated chimpanzees. This tenure equipped him with an invaluable understanding of conservation strategy, a cornerstone of his work at Water's Edge Strategy.

Introducing Water's Edge Strategy

At Water's Edge, Rob collaborates with skilled contractors to develop integrative solutions to tackle global environmental dilemmas. They acknowledge the interconnected nature of issues like extinction, climate change, and diminishing resources, and address them through a holistic approach.

Services Offered by Water's Edge Strategy

Their diverse portfolio of services includes strategic planning, program design, partnership development, business growth, and effective communication, marketing, and brand strategy. Rob and his team take the message of sustainability and conservation beyond just words, ensuring it permeates every aspect of the organizations they work with.

Implementation and Coaching: Building the Right Skills

Believing that a strategy is only as good as its execution, Rob focuses on implementation and coaching. The aim is to foster the necessary skills and relationships that enable teams to consistently drive change and make an impact. For a more detailed look at their services, click here.

A Peek into Rob's Experiences

Rob’s wide-ranging experience is a testament to his dedication to sustainability. His noteworthy accomplishments include a nationwide wildfire prevention campaign in Tanzania in association with the USDA Forest Service and USAID, and a research project at the University of Cambridge studying the efficacy of messaging in conservation communication.

Influencing Global Strategies

As part of the Metropolitan Group for over a decade, Rob has assisted global groups in making substantial shifts towards sustainability. His projects have spanned from working with NASA's Catalyst initiative to formulating racially just climate narratives for The Kresge Foundation.

The Philosophy Behind Water’s Edge Strategy

Underpinning Rob’s work is a philosophy rooted in integrity, wonder, joy, and justice. At Water’s Edge, they draw inspiration from nature, creative expression, and science, approaching each challenge with an understanding of its inherent interconnectedness.

Rob's profound belief that "the issues we face are intertwined and self-reinforcing" fuels the mission at Water's Edge Strategy. It reflects in their unique approach that seeks to make solutions as interconnected as our problems. Rob Sassor and Water's Edge Strategy stand testament to the fact that the fight for a sustainable future requires a comprehensive, unified strategy - one synergistic solution at a time.


If this article has sparked your interest and you think Rob Sassor's approach with Water's Edge Strategy could benefit your company, we invite you to reach out. Click here to inquire and begin a conversation about sustainable strategies for your organization.

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