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Plant Decor Styling Tips & Indoor Plant Lighting Ideas

Learn about plant decor, low light, medium lighting, & bright indirect lighting ideas, & how to choose plants that match the lighting conditions. Read Now!

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Claudia Grimm - Founder of Zen Plant Care

Claudia Grimm - Zen Plant Care San Diego - Plant Care Maintenance Services.

Hey there! I'm Claudia Grimm, founder of Zen Plant Care based in San Diego, CA. We help preserve the health and beauty of your houseplants through our plant care services and online tools. Check us out!

Plants have the remarkable ability to breathe life into any space, creating a serene and refreshing atmosphere. Whether you're a seasoned plant enthusiast or just starting your indoor garden journey, understanding the lighting requirements of your plants is essential for their health and your decor's success. We'll explore some plant decor styling tips based on lighting requirements to help you make the most of your green oasis.

Entrance wood door with monstera deliciosa plant on patio.

Low Light, Medium Lighting, & Bright Indirect Lighting Ideas

Before you start arranging your plants, you must assess your space's natural light conditions. Different areas in your home receive different amounts of light, which can be categorized as low light, medium light, or bright indirect lighting ideas. Here's how to identify each (note: these are for indoor plants only):

Low light

Spaces far from windows, or where sunlight barely reaches. Think of hallways or corners away from windows.

Medium Lighting

Medium lighting are areas that receive filtered sunlight or are near windows but not directly in the sun's path.

Bright indirect lighting Ideas

Rooms with ample natural light but no direct sun exposure, such as a well-lit living room with sheer curtains. This is the best lighting, as it works with all houseplants. Also note that direct light means you are outside and there is nothing between you and the sun (no curtains or windows).

Choose Plants That Match the Lighting Conditions

Now that you know your space's light levels, select plants that thrive in those conditions:

Low light Plants

Opt for plants like snake plants (sansevieria), ZZ plants (zamioculcas zamiifolia), or pothos (epipremnum aureum).

Moderate Light Plants

Consider peace lilies (spathiphyllum), spider plants (chlorophytum comosum), or philodendrons.

Bright indirect light Plants

Experiment with fiddle leaf figs (ficus lyrata), rubber plants (ficus elastica), or various types of ferns.

Play with Indoor Plant Placement

Maximize your plant decor's visual impact by strategically placing your greenery:

  • Use hanging plants or wall-mounted shelves for low-light corners.
  • Create a lush, layered look by varying the heights of your plants, placing taller ones in the background and shorter ones in the foreground. Groups of three are ideal.
  • Group plants with similar lighting needs together to make watering and care more efficient. For example, all of your pothos and philodendrons in one area.

Include Decorative Lighting

In addition to natural light, consider adding artificial lighting to highlight your plants and create an inviting ambiance. Here are a few ideas:

Indoor String Lights

String lights can be woven through your plant display, casting a warm and enchanting glow.

LED Strip Grow lights

If your space lacks natural light, invest in grow lights that mimic the sun's spectrum to keep your plants healthy. Try Soltech’s grow lights shown in Harness the Power of Indoor Plant Lighting with Soltech.

Floor UV Lamps For Plants

Place tall, decorative floor lamps near your plant arrangements to provide both light and style.

Plant Decor with Style

To complete your plant decor styling, add complementary elements to tie the look together:

  • Choose decorative pots and planters that match your interior design theme.
  • Incorporate colorful cushions, rugs, or wall art that complement your plant color palette.
  • Don't forget about plant stands and macramé hangers to add texture and dimension to your display!


Creating a plant-filled oasis in your home can transform your space into a lush, tranquil haven. By understanding the lighting requirements of your plants and following these decor styling tips, you can achieve a harmonious balance between greenery and style. Whether you have a sun-drenched living room or a cozy low-light corner, there's a plant decor style waiting to flourish in your home. Embrace the beauty of nature and elevate your decor with the power of plants.

If you’re in the San Diego region, reach out to Zen Plant Care and we’ll install fresh plants and help design your interior dream home! Looking for plant care services? Check out all we offer by clicking here. Not sure where to start? Book a consultation with me here. 

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