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The Best Wood Decor [2023]

Have you ever experienced an immediate feeling of warmth, comfort and serenity upon entering a room? That's the magic wood decor can weave. From rustic charm to modern elegance, it...

Have you ever experienced an immediate feeling of warmth, comfort and serenity upon entering a room? That's the magic wood decor can weave. From rustic charm to modern elegance, it holds the power to transform spaces.

"But why wood?", you may ask. Picture this: It's like that familiar old book whose pages transport us to another world every time we flip them open.

In this post, I'll take you on a journey exploring various aspects of wood decor - its versatility in wall accents or how it infuses nature into your home ambiance.

Review top brands like Woodland Pulse, Birch and Buffalo, Art-Millwork Shop, and Homary; delve into wooden planters' beauty for green space enhancement; celebrate seasons with thematic wood decor ideas...and more!

A little secret though: This isn't just about making your house look pretty.

Table of Contents:

Understanding Wood Decor

Wood decor has a unique charm that enhances the aesthetics of any space. It's an important aspect of interior design, lending warmth and personality to your home. Whether you're drawn towards rustic vibes or prefer a sleek modern style, wood decor fits seamlessly into all themes.

The beauty of incorporating wood in your interiors is its versatility. From robust wooden furniture to delicate wall art pieces, there's something for every taste and budget.

The Versatility of Wood Wall Decor

Wood wall decor can add character to any room in your house - from the living area to bedrooms. Not only does it fill empty spaces on walls but also serves as an excellent conversation starter due to its artistic appeal.

NOVA brown modern vase with greenery vase filler.

NOVA Brown Modern Vase by Woodland Pulse

You'll find pieces with intricate carvings, abstract patterns or even simple geometric shapes that give off a mid-century vibe. The best part? You don't need fancy hardware tools for installation – just some creativity.

Creating a Natural Ambiance with Wood Decor

Modern organic decor pot in brown.

Vision Modern Geometric Planter

Incorporating elements like wood helps create a cozy ambiance reminiscent of nature within our homes; this trend is often termed  'modern organic' design.

By choosing pieces like decorative wooden bowls or candle holders, you are bringing earthy tones indoors which promotes tranquility and relaxation.

No matter if it’s teak, oak, walnut or cherry- each type brings out different textures and hues making them look elegant over time as they age naturally.

And here comes another surprise. Did you know many decorators consider plants as live décor too?

Different Styles & Trends In Wood Décor

DISC modern plant pot.

DISC modern plant pot

  • Wood and metal fusion - The mix of these two materials can add an industrial edge to your space.
  • Handcrafted pieces – They bring a sense of uniqueness, especially when they're made by local artisans.
  • Natural wood tones – Lighter woods like beech and ash are trending currently due to their ability to brighten up spaces.

Clearly, wood decor has a big hand in making our homes look great. So, what's stopping you? Dive right into the world of

Key Takeaway: 


Whether it's rustic or modern, wood decor has a unique charm that can really spruce up any space. It gives your home a warm and personal touch. You've got endless choices from sturdy furniture to delicate wall art, intricate carvings to simple shapes. And the best part? It's super easy to add.

Top Wood Decor Brands

If you're seeking exceptional wood decor, a few standout brands lead the pack. Let's delve into some top players that have won over design enthusiasts with their innovative and high-quality offerings.

Woodland Pulse's Modern Organic Decor

We here at Woodland Pulse take pride in our made in USA modern wood pots & vases. Our biophilic wood decor offers a subtle cedarwood scent and woodgrain texture that feels good to hold! Inspired by nature, our designs have stunning patterns and geometries that I'm sure you'll love. 

We're a family owned small business based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with a focus on offering the world uniquely made pieces. We hope you love our wood decor pieces as much as we love making them! Browse our reviews as well to see what others are saying about our organic decor.

Enjoy the Wood

Enjoy the wood.

Enjoy the Wood

Enjoy The Wood is a family brand founded in 2014. Their mission is to give joy and inspiration to each and everyone who owns our products. They offer a wide area of wooden world maps that are truly remarkable. Use this coupon link, and enjoy 12% off your purchase. 

Art-Millwork Shop

ArtMillWork Shop

Wood Wall Art Sculpture

An equally intriguing name on our list is Art-Millwork Shop. This company artfully combines modern designs with parametric patterns to bring forward eye-catching wood decor items that can effortlessly enhance any setting from homes to offices.

Art-Millwork Shop is based out of New York City offering everything from radiator covers, cabinet doors, and geometric wall panels.

Homary's Collection

Japandi wood wall art by Homary.

Japandi Wood Wall Art by Homary

Homary, a prominent player in this domain specializes in crafting timeless pieces. With their meticulously crafted wood decor collection, they've established a loyal fan base that appreciates the blend of classic and contemporary styles.

It's worth noting that Homary consistently earns high review ratings, reinforcing its reputation as a go-to brand for quality wooden furnishings.

Key Takeaway: 


For top-notch wood decor, brands like Woodland Pulse, Birch and Buffalo, Art-Millwork Shop, and Homary stand out. They offer unique pieces that merge aesthetics with quality craftsmanship. Whether you prefer modern-rustic designs or timeless collections, these brands deliver high satisfaction levels while emphasizing sustainable sourcing and design excellence.

Planters and Vases - Enhancing Your Green Space

One of the most satisfying ways to breathe life into your home or workspace is by introducing greenery. But let's not overlook the vessels that house these vibrant, oxygen-giving plants - planters and vases.

The beauty of modern plant pots lies in their ability to merge function with aesthetics seamlessly. Whether it’s a rustic wooden planter brimming with lush ferns or an organic modern vase showcasing exotic blooms, each piece contributes significantly towards creating a tranquil oasis.

You don't have to be a botany expert for this venture. It's as simple as picking out your favorite potting mix, perhaps something like our high-quality Indoor Potting Mix, filling up your chosen planter, and voila. You're now partaking in one of nature's simplest pleasures – gardening.

The Artistic Flair Of Wood Planters And Vases

Wooden planters possess an earthy charm that resonates deeply within us; they remind us we’re all children of Mother Earth after all. Each groove on its surface narrates stories from yesteryears while promising new tales as sprouts break through the soil surface.

In contrast, wood vases exude elegance coupled with understated sophistication. They serve dual purposes: providing a cozy abode for indoor flora while simultaneously acting as tasteful decor pieces adding character to any room.

Finding The Perfect Fit For Your Green Companions

Picking the right planter or vase can be a game-changer for your green space. Choosing the ideal container for your plants involves various factors, like size, form and appearance. After all, each plant has its unique needs.

For instance, succulents are perfect for shallow pots due to their minimal root system while climbing vines need deeper vessels that provide adequate support.

Maintaining The Beauty Of Your Wood Planters And Vases

Caring for these beauties is simple but crucial. Regular cleaning using mild soapy water ensures longevity while preventing potential pest infestations.

Make sure you keep them looking lively and bright by using

Key Takeaway: 


Greenery brings life to any space, but the vessels housing them - planters and vases - play a pivotal role too. Wooden ones blend function with aesthetics, adding an earthy charm and elegance that doubles as tasteful decor. Picking the right one depends on your plant's unique needs while regular cleaning keeps them at their best.

Seasonal Celebrations with Wood Decor

No matter the occasion, wood decor can make your celebrations more festive. Let's look at how you can incorporate this natural element into different holidays.

Valentine's Day Wood Decor

A heart-shaped wooden photo frame is a romantic gift idea for Valentine’s day. You could even add a personal touch by engraving it with a special message or date.

The charm of wooden decorations also extends to party settings. A wood tiered tray, filled with sweets and decorated with candy corn hearts, makes an inviting centerpiece on this day of love.

St. Patrick's Day Wood Decor

Greet St.Patrick’s day guests warmly by hanging up cheerful sayings on word cutout signs. Adding touches like these not only brings in holiday spirit but also livens up the ambiance.

Halloween Wood Decor

Celebrate Halloween uniquely. Opt for a handcrafted pumpkin made from fabric and set atop decorative wood blocks instead of traditional jack-o-lanterns – no messy cleanup required.

Moving onto Christmas, try something out-of-the-box - decorate your space using small tree-shaped wall decors in place of the typical Xmas tree or use carved word art pieces that express Yuletide joy.

Note: You don't need to restrict yourself to store-bought items; DIY projects offer endless possibilities too.

Finally, as we welcome springtime cheer, adorn your Easter celebrations with wooden bunnies or egg-shaped ornaments.

Remember, it's not just about the aesthetics; choosing wood decor is a step towards embracing eco-friendliness. Not only do they give a rustic charm to festivities but also are sustainable and durable choices that can be reused year after year.

Unique Wood Decor Accessories

A showcase of unique wood decor accessories like fabric pumpkins, color wash techniques, and wood beaded tassels. In stock

Fabric Pumpkins - A Whimsical Touch

Fabric pumpkins aren't your ordinary home decor items. With their charming rustic appeal and playful vibes, they're perfect for those who love mixing up traditional styles with quirky elements. Place them on shelves or as centerpiece accents during festive seasons like Halloween for an instant conversation starter.

The Mid-Century Modern Influence in Wood Decor

If you're into retro aesthetics with a contemporary twist then mid-century modern wood decor is something you'd absolutely adore.

Characterized by clean lines and organic forms these designs effortlessly blend function with form offering not just aesthetic pleasure but practical utility too.

Trending: Color Wash Techniques & Beaded Tassels

Color washing can give your wooden pieces an attractive weathered look while retaining its natural grain pattern – making each piece uniquely yours. Add some fun textures using wood beaded tassels.

These little details may seem small but trust us when we say they make a world of difference in sprucing up any interior space.

A Note on Best Sellers in Wood Decor:

  • Candy Corn Box Sign: It's never too early (or late) to celebrate Halloween right? This cute box sign adds the right amount of spookiness without being overbearing.
  • Xmas Tree Word Cutout: Who said Christmas trees have to be green? This wood cutout brings the festive cheer in a unique and minimalist way.
  • Americana Bridal Gift Ideas: A thoughtful blend of rustic charm and romantic touches, these pieces are perfect as wedding gifts or anniversary presents. For more wedding or anniversary gift ideas, explore our Gift Ideas section.

In stock items vary so don't miss out on your favorite piece. Browse through our collection today.

Key Takeaway: 


Whether it's playful fabric pumpkins or sleek mid-century modern items, distinctive wooden decor can really boost your home's appeal. Techniques such as color washing not only give a weathered appearance but also preserve the natural grain of wood.

Beaded tassels bring an added touch of texture and excitement. Remember to check out top picks like our quirky Candy Corn Box Sign or the understated Xmas Tree Word.

Thoughtful Wood Decor Gift Ideas

Gifting can be a tricky task, but when you decide to go for something as timeless and versatile as wood decor, it's hard to get wrong. Whether it's Mother’s Day or a gift for new parents, wood decor items are always appreciated.

Celebrating Mother's Day with Wood Decor

Mother’s day is all about showing love and appreciation towards the woman who raised us. And what better way than gifting her an elegant piece of Artisan Jewelry Box, crafted from high-quality woods?

These boxes not only serve a practical purpose by helping mom organize her favorite pieces of jewelry but also add a warm touch to any dressing table or vanity.

If your mother has more minimalist tastes, consider presenting her with Personalized Wood Decor such as monogrammed coasters or wall art that bears family names. The personalization adds sentimental value while enhancing the aesthetics of any room.

Gifts for New Parents and Occupations

New parenthood brings joy alongside sleepless nights. A charming Decorative Wood Box could make those 4 AM diaper changes just slightly more bearable by keeping essentials organized at arm's length.

Beyond gifts suitable for home use, consider thoughtful wooden desk accessories perfect for various occupations – whether it’s an architect in need of pencil holders or a teacher who would appreciate inspiring word cutouts on their desk.

The beauty lies in how each piece tells its own story because every slice of timber used retains its unique patterns and textures. This natural peculiarity of wood guarantees that no two items are precisely indistinguishable, making your blessing genuinely one of a kind.

So, next time you’re in a gifting dilemma, remember – with the right piece of wooden decor in hand, it’s hard to go wrong.

Key Takeaway: 


Picking out the perfect gift can be tricky, but classic wooden decor never disappoints. Whether it's a stunning Artisan Jewelry Box for Mother's Day or Personalized Wood Decor that brings sentimental warmth and spruces up any room - these gifts always make an impact.

Even new parents or busy professionals would love functional yet attractive items like Decorative Wood Boxes or neat wooden desk accessories. Every piece is

Caring for Your Wood Decor

So, you've fallen in love with the organic appeal of wood decor. How to maintain its attractive appearance? The answer lies in proper care and maintenance.

Maintaining Wood Decor

Your precious pieces need a little TLC to stay stunning over time. Cleaning them is essential but not with just any old product - use a specialized Indoor Potting Mix. It's formulated to clean without damaging your wood items.

Also, don't let dust settle on your decor. Make sure to wipe them down regularly using a soft cloth or duster.

Cleaning and Protecting Wood Wall Decor

Your beautiful wall art deserves special attention too. Start by gently removing dust with a dry microfiber cloth - they're gentle yet effective at picking up dirt particles. But remember: never use harsh chemicals or abrasive tools that can scratch or damage the surface.

Indoor Potting Tips for Wooden Planters and Vases

If you have wooden planters, make sure they are properly potted to prevent water damage from plants' natural moisture release. An indoor potting mix does wonders here again; it helps manage moisture levels effectively within the planter.

Plant Care Sprays, while great for your green buddies, should be used sparingly around wooden decor so as not to stain their surfaces.

To help ensure healthy growth conditions if displaying plants near wooden items like bookshelves or tables consider using Grow Lights. They simulate sunlight indoors which keeps both plants and wood decor happy.

So there you have it - a few handy tips to help care for your beloved wood decor. It's all about being mindful of the unique needs that come with each piece, and using products designed specifically for their upkeep.

Key Takeaway: 


Love your wood decor? Keep it fresh and new with regular care. Use specialized Indoor Potting Mix for cleaning, wipe away dust often, and treat wooden wall art gently. For wooden planters, manage moisture with potting mix and use Plant Care Sprays sparingly to avoid stains. If plants share space with wood pieces, Grow Lights can keep both thriving.

The Versatility of Wood Wall Decor

Wood wall decor isn't just versatile; it's transformative. Whether you prefer Litton Lane’s rustic charm or Stupell Industries’ modern approach, your walls become canvases showcasing your style and taste.

No matter if you live in a chic loft or a cozy cottage, wooden wall art fits seamlessly. You'll be surprised by its power to elevate any space - trust us on this one.

Incorporating Seasonal Celebrations with Wood Decor

One thing we love about decorating with wood? Its adaptability across seasons. Be it candy corn accents during Halloween or xmas tree ornaments come December - wooden elements lend warmth like no other material.

You might even find special buys during festive seasons that cater specifically to your aesthetic needs – now isn’t that something worth celebrating?

Caring for Your Wood Decor

Maintaining your cherished pieces doesn't have to feel like work. A bit of care sprays here, some dusting there... et voila. They'll keep looking brand new season after season.

If things get complicated (and sometimes they do), don’t worry - resources abound online offering tips from cleaning methods right down to indoor potting mix advice for plant-based decorations. Plant care sprays can help you keep your wood decor looking fresh and lively.

We've only scratched the surface here, but that's the beauty of exploring wood decor - there's always more to discover.

Key Takeaway: 


Embrace the versatility of wood decor, transforming any space with brands like Litton Lane and Stupell Industries. Enjoy its seasonal adaptability - from Halloween candy corn accents to Christmas tree ornaments. Caring for your wooden pieces is simple, ensuring they remain fresh and lively season after season. Wood decor offers endless possibilities worth exploring.

FAQs in Relation to Wood Decor

What can you decorate wood with?

You can adorn wood with paint, stains, or decals. Other popular choices include metal accents, carved patterns, and varnishes.

How do you decorate raw wood?

To deck out raw wood, first sand it smooth. Then, apply your choice of paints or stains to give it a personalized touch.


So, we've journeyed through the world of wood decor. From wall accents to green space enhancement with wooden planters and vases. We discovered brands like Woodland Pulse, Birch & Buffalo, and Homary that transform spaces.

We explored how wood infuses a natural ambiance into your home, making it more than just pretty. It's about making a cozy atmosphere where you can relax.

You learned how seasonal celebrations can be uplifted by incorporating thematic wood decor. And who could forget those unique accessories? They're the perfect touch!

Remember: Wood is not only aesthetically pleasing but also versatile and durable if cared for properly. With this knowledge in hand, go forth and make your space uniquely yours with wood decor.

  Looking to add biophilically designed modern plant pots to your space? Browse the most unique collection of passive diffuser biophilic plant pots, here! 

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